Friday, August 01, 2008

Size Matters Not!

Click here for the continuing saga of the Lacsons

Every time we go over to photograph Marlene and Christopher's family, we are always greeted with an awesome breakfast spread! I was so stoked to see little teeny tiny quiches that were baked in muffin pans! A fabulous way to start off a family session for sure! :)

Little Brody was looking so very stylish with his Star Wars onesie. "Size matters not" with a picture of Yoda. Totally classic! Marlene then showed us pictures from the recent Pottery Barn catalogue with a new look for Star Wars sheets, pillows and other decorations. RAD! They even have adult-sized sheets and blankets. If any of you out there can help me to convince Betsy that we MUST have these in our bedroom, I would greatly appreciate it!

It was great to see Maeve again, too! She totally has a crush on me, and it's apparent every time she looks right into my lens. She's such a little firecracker, and we love photographing her every chance we get! The Lacsons have been great friends of our over the years, and we are always honored to come by every now and again to update their family albums. See you soon! :)


Melissa said...

Hey Betsy & Jeff!

OMG! These pictures of the Lacsons are just too awesome! La Vida Creations is book marked so when I'm checking my email, I am checking you guys out also. Can't wait to see MORE!

Keep on doin' what you guys are doin'!

PS.....Betsy, you were oh-so-right....Talk about "mini meez"!

Marlene said...

Hi Jeff and his friend Betsy:

We're positively thrilled with the new pics! Once again, you've done a great job. We're so lucky to have you capture our family moments. Looking forward to our next adventure (with costumes!)!


P.S. Boy is Maeve's smile a mile wide if she's looking at Jeff. :)

Davelandweb said...

Betsy - the photos are great - as always! What happened to Christopher's guns though? More gym time! (oops...I think I hear Mar-Mar yelling from Chuckee-Cheese's!)...gotta' run!

Mamta said...

The picture of the whole family is SOOO cute! Can't wait to have pix of our family taken by you guys!!!